Regional products shop

Take a taste of Tongeren home with you to enjoy at home. Our regional products shop in the magnificently restored Gasthuiskapel sells delicious artisanal jams, syrups, Tongerse moppen, Caëderkoekjes, Tungri beers, La Cress watercress beer, red, white and sparkling wines from Genoels-Elderen and Ambiorix speculaas biscuits.

But we have not forgotten the regional products of our neighbours in Limburg: jams from Jam-brouwerij, Het Voers Sleedoorndrupke, Hasselt jenevers, beers from Brouwerij van Wilderen, Haspengouwse Tripel, …

Top Haspengouw vineyards

Veni, vidi, vino. Italians have a nose for wine. The Roman legions soon discovered that Haspengouw had excellent wine-growing potential. Although Julius and co are no more, their wine culture remains to this day. 

Today, the vines grow abundantly in this landscape of rolling hills. Tongeren and the surrounding areas are famous for their wine estates and the internationally renowned wines produced there. They also provide an inspiring setting for television programmes such as Zuidflank and Mijn Pop-Up Restaurant.

Must-see destination: Genoels-Elderen wine chateau

The only wine chateau in Belgium is located along the old road from Tongeren to Cologne. It is the private estate of Rennes, but on appointment the gates will swing open to reveal a magnificent view of the imposing vineyard, rose gardens, distillery, pressing house and 13th century wine cellars. Experienced guides with an engaged, humorous and interactive style tell visitors all about the wine. Naturally, the tour concludes with a wine tasting. Info

Loonse stroop

Stroop (syrup) is delicious drizzled over pancakes, hot waffles or cheese and bacon sandwiches. The Loonse stroop made by the Bleus family is famous throughout Belgium. The recipe has been in the family for 150 years. This syrup is still made in artisanal fashion, using pure Haspengouw fruit, including apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, quinces and gooseberries.