Tourist menus

Choose from the following group menus and enjoy a cosy lunch in one of our selected restaurants. 

For your information: 1 menu per group. The restaurant will provide a meal for the coach driver.

  • Starters: € 5
    • Salmon cocktail with bread
    • Pasta salad with chicken
  • Main courses: € 15
    • Fish of the day with leek sauce and mashed potatoes
    • Farmhouse chicken fillet with cave mushroom sauce and croquettes
    • Meatballs (160 g) in a local Haspengouw sauce (based on syrup and a Limburg brown beer) with new potatoes
  • Dessert: € 5
    • Scoop of ice cream with Haspengouw fruit coulis
    • Rice pudding with brown sugar
    • Chocolate mousse
  • Beverage package:
    • Bubbles: €5
    • Water on the table, 2 glasses of wine, soft drinks or beer, coffee: €15
  • Other dishes:
    • Vegetarian dish on request
    • Bread meal: €10 (3 large, crispy rolls topped with salami, ham, or cheese)
    • Fresh soup with bread: €4
  • Welcome with coffee and Tongeren specialities
    • 1 cup of coffee or tea with 2 Tongeren specialities (1 Caëderkükske + 1 Ambiorix chocolate or 1 Steenuil chocolate truffle).
  • Coffee and cake
    • 1/8th piece of fruit pie and 1 cup of coffee or tea

If you would prefer a gastronomic or an à la carte menu, please discuss this directly with a restaurant of your choice. You can find some delicious suggestions at Foodies Tongeren or under Food & drinks.