Popular flavouring

Everyone in Tongeren and its surroundings are mad about watercress! Even star chef Peter Goossens comes to our region specifically for this famous ‘forgotten’ vegetable. Its unique soft mustardy flavour adds depth to salads, soups, sauces, pesto, coulis and even desserts. This delicacy is incredibly popular with chefs in Tongeren. Discover it yourself during a quick lunch or convivial dinner.

Health booster and local beauty secret Did you know that watercress is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat? The dark green leaves with a soft mustardy flavour are rich in iron, calcium, iodine and vitamins A and C. As a result, watercress has blood purifying and diuretic properties, a beneficial effect on the nerves and blood pressure and also provides natural protection against diseases of affluence. Eat this, Popeye.

If you add watercress to your diet you will see the effects as these leaves are wonderful for your skin, hair and nails. And to top it all off, this dark green regional product is very low in calories, so you can eat as much as you like without feeling guilty.

La Cress: watercress beer

The ancient Celts gave their beer a bitter touch by adding watercress. This tradition has been reinstated today. La Cress watercress beer is brewed using watercress seeds. It is a full, blond beer with top fermentation and second fermentation in the bottle. Sôté!*

* Tongeren dialect for ‘Cheers!’

Sint-Lucie watercress farm

Tongeren has been a top watercress growing area for more than 100 years. At the renowned watercress farm, Sint-Lucie, the Vansimpsen family is enthusiastically continuing the artisanal work of their parents and grandparents.