Sinful Sweet Treats


Caëderkükske is one of Tongeren?s most famous treats. This tasty coconut shortbread from Tongeren is shaped like the ?Dodecahedron?, a mysterious Roman object with 12 pentagonal surfaces. You can find an original Roman example at the Gallo-Roman Museum

Tongerse Moppen

Tongerse moppen have been popular here since the 18th century. The people of Tongeren baked these aniseed, honey and candy sugar flavoured biscuits at New Year, Shrove Tuesday and other holidays. This regional speciality fell out of favour for many years until it was revived in 1981. 

Ambiorix speculaas biscuits

It?s no secret that speculaas is very popular in this part of the world. And as a tribute to our local superhero who bravely defeated the Romans, we like to bake these biscuits with his image on them. Each packet has 11 biscuits.