Foodies Tongeren

Tongeren Tourist Office puts 'Culinary Tongeren' on the menu once more in 2022!

In 2017, the city of Tongeren published the culinary pocket guide 'Foodies Tongeren' for the first time. Tongeren’s various cosy restaurants and culinary hotspots have been bundled in a handy guide. The booklet was well received by both locals and tourists. In view of its success, the third (!) edition of the guide has now been published, some five years later. The new Foodies Tongeren guide has been revamped and is an indispensable publication for anyone who wants to get their teeth into a piece of Tongeren. The culinary guide also comes with a digital extension: from now on, all the Tongeren addresses will be shown on a handy, digital map.

The 'Foodies Tongeren' culinary guide can be at the Tourist office. You can pick up a free copy.