Terra Mosana in Tongeren

The European Terra Mosana project is a cooperation between municipalities, heritage sites, museums and universities. It highlights the diversity and common history of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion. The project connects the cultural hotspots in that area. It makes history tangible with 3D models, digitised historical buildings and art objects, virtual and augmented reality. What is the DNA of this border region? Terra Mosana exposes it.

In Tongeren, we focus on reconstructions and impressions of the late Roman basilica and two successive churches from the early Middle Ages, with their immediate surroundings.

More info: terramosana.org

What can be experienced?

Exhibition in the Basilica of Our Lady (7 August - 31 October 2021)

In the space under the belfry tower, we introduce you to Terra Mosana for the first time. 3D images and an interactive game will take you to the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion. The uniqueness of this region, from pie to mining, will make you crave more.

VR experience at Tourism Tongeren

In the Gasthuiskapel, you enter Roman and early medieval Tongeren (Grote Markt - Vrijthof area) via a touch screen in a digital environment. You can also discover late Roman and early medieval Tongeren with VR glasses. Have your passport stamped here too as from September!

3D image in the Teseum (from November)

In the Teseum, in the archaeological site, you can watch some 3D films that visualise the fourth-century basilica, the Merovingian church and the immediate surroundings. A mini-exhibition shows special objects from this period.

Per Pedes – walking the Roman road

The Per Pedes walking app guides walkers interactively from the tourist information point to some 15 locations in historic Tongeren. With 3D images, 360° views and audio clips, this distant history no longer has to speak only to the imagination. On the way, you walk past a Roman city gate, temple and aqueduct.